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Sudakshina (Kina) Bhattacharjee  was born and raised in west London till the age of 12 and then she had moved to Kolkata, India, for further schooling.

She then came back to London and graduated with a BA (2:1) Honours degree in New Media Journalism with Film and Television Studies from Thames Valley University(now known as the University of West London) between 2002-2005.

Since then she has worked in several jobs in the print and digital media, finance and education sectors.

Between 2007 and 2011, Sudakshina has been a lecturer in journalism and psychology at various educational institutions in London. She is also a freelance journalist, a published poet and co-author of a guidebook in Business English (see top right of this page).

She also holds a professional diploma in Psychological Therapies and is a certified (PTLLS -Level 4) FE lecturer.

Sudakshina is married to a dental surgeon and now spends her life moonlighting between writing and lecturing roles in London.

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4 Comments About Sudakshina Bhattacharjee

  1. Steve

    Hi Sudakshina,

    I came to take a look at your site after the redesign you’ve advertised on linkedin and twitter.

    I’m using chrome (latest version at this time) and there are some weird things happening that you might want to get fixed:

    1. the second row of the top navigation is shoehorned into the navigation bar in a pretty ugly way – the color highlight is replaced with black, and the hover styling covers up some of the navigation above. I’d either re-style these or try and find a way to cut down the size/number of tabs so you can fit all your navigation on one “row.”

    2. The social sharing buttons that end up at the bottom right of the page start on each page load at the top left, and then fly across the page. If this is the intended effect then okay – it reminds me of geocities circa 1994.

    1. Sudakshina Bhattacharjee

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for comments and feedback on my website.

      I will try to sort out the navigation issue that you are talking about.

      The social sharing buttons are meant to fly across the page and I rather like it that way…I wasn’t aware that it could actually remind of an older time.

      Many thanks, once again.


  2. Ash

    Hi. I happened to read your article that appeared in Times of Oman. I had a comment on the same. Would it be possible for you to give me an email id for contact?


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