Fairy Faery, Quite Contrary

Well, let’s start this post with a big hello and welcome to the year 2011. 🙂

No harm in bringing a little seasonal bling and cheer, especially when the New Year has started off with Britain’s finest weather- grey clouds evoking that ever-familiar sense of impending doom.

So, with regards to the title, you might be thinking, which Fairy am I appealing to? Do I believe in Fairies? If so, what sort- i.e. the Angelic or the Airy-Fairy kind? fairy fairies pixie pixies

Smirking there, are we? Hah! Well, what good is a writer/blogger if she/he doesn’t really know what their readers are thinking/ Hmm? Hmm?

Well, in answer to your queries: I’m not appealing to any Fairy in particular, unless you count the Fairy of Fairness, which I guess is what all Fairies believe in.

Whether I believe in Fairies or not, well I’d like to say yes and no. Yes, because they are personifications of all the good qualities which we humans should aspire to and if poets can personify, why can’t we? I’d also say no because I’m yet to meet a Fairy, so until I do…I’ll let you know. 🙂

And no, I don’t believe in the Airy-Fairy kind as frankly, the concept is too wishy-washy for me or any sensible person to actually get!

But what I’d really want to know is  why would it take a Fairy to make us ditch all our insecurities and truly believe in our ourselves and in others?

Aren’t we good enough?

Why don’t we think we’re good enough?

Why are we so bitter that we literally can’t bear the happiness of other people?

You can argue all you like about how you can see other people happy, but then is that your ego forcing this view or do you generally feel a soothing warmth come over when you see someone smile brightly and genuinely?

What’s with all the negative, embittered, hateful, spiteful words, people?

Why have we come to this state where we are so scared of sharing our happiness lest people go all doolally with envy and hatred and then say or do something stupid to break the spell, oops, illusion of a ‘relationship/friendship’?

If it were up to me right, I’d honestly pack the whole urbanite class off for a series of counselling sessions-we’ve lost our sense of self-esteem and self-worth- or upholding it, rather!


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