Out of Depth!

My past few blog posts have been based on India and my perspective of married life in India or the media in India, or….wait a minute, you already know that, as you’ve read the posts, haven’t you my blogworms?!

So, for a welcome change, I’ll make this month’s post be about my observations on the levels of depth we humans have and how these levels vary.

What do we mean by ‘depth’ anyway?

Is it common sense? Is it knowledge and wisdom? Is it the airs we hold or don’t hold? Is it a spiritual sense of grounding that’s usually reflected through the ‘windows of our souls’- the eyes?

It could be any of these, all of these, or even none of these, depending on your perspective on depth.

For me, it’s the third option, i.e. depth is a spiritual sense of grounding that’s usually reflected through our eyes, which are known as ‘windows of the soul’ because you can gauge heaps about a person by simply noting how they look at you, do they look at you, do they flicker, wink and blink, or are they set and steady.

But what do I mean by this?

Well, let’s start on a simple level here. By ‘grounding’ I’m thinking of focus, concentration, diligence, attention. Giving too much focus on something strains you out of depth as you’ve thought so much about something, you can’t think anymore and therefore lost your depth due to the too much effort you’ve put in before.

Let’s look at depth from a converse angle. I mean, we know when we’re out of our depths when we identify glitches/errors/gaps in our thinking. Usually after this identification comes a shrug of the shoulders, or a little shaking of the head, or if you’re of the dramatic sort, then a hit on the forehead, a la Bollywood style. 🙂

So if being out of depth is being any of the aforementioned, what does being in our depths entail and involve?

Well, from a logical standpoint, it could mean thinking along the lines of A>B>C and C>B>A, tracing the meaning, the sense of how A is greater/lesser than B and so on.

From a physical perspective, it could mean how much can you take on at one given point of time and get all these things done correctly and on time.

From a psychological premise, it could mean how much information/emotion/stress/social judgement can your mind process in a given time period and how does this affect you and your psyche.

Finally, from a philosophical/spiritual plane, how deep can you go within yourself to find out who ‘you’ are, i.e what makes up your inner and outer personalities that combine to make who you are as an individual, as a member of your society and as an organism of atoms in the grand scheme of things.

Okay, I’ll admit all this is quite deep turf. So I’ll end this post on a lighter note: my whole point of writing this post is to simply convey, if we don’t keep tabs on when we’re in or out of our depths, when will the stupid, baseless probing/questioning stop?!


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