What Do You Mean?!

Hello, my blogworms. 🙂

How goes it in the world of when we say something and mean something else?

Or indeed vice versa, i.e. in the world of when we mean something but say something else?

Don’t you just hate it?

Doesn’t it just get to you sometimes?

Well, it certainly does to me and there are times when I do flip out on this.

I know this happens to everyone, i.e. we either commit to this social sin subconsciously, or consciously- or else we’re at the butt end of it.

I also know that taking such a social sin too seriously won’t do me much good.

I even know that patience is a virtue that we should have and maintain.

But…. (yes, you know there’s a punchline…or three coming up now)

I don’t understand why some people just don’t think! 

They don’t think before they speak

They don’t think before they behave.

They don’t think before about what could happen afterwards.

We have a brain and a mind, that’s what stands us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, right?

So why don’t we use it?!

Of course, various cultures and societies dictate the way we should live and behave and unfortunately, some of this diktat is limited, skewed and screwed.

This finicky basis is the cause for much grief, literally. If we thought through what we say and do a bit, we’d get a lot more productivity- minus this grief.

And if you’re thinking about what brought this rant on (and not focusing on what I am ranting on, tsk tsk…) just take a look around you and the society you mix in and you might just find examples of what I am ranting about.

Let me know if you do…I’d love to explore this more with you. 🙂

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