At One with Oneself

Hello there, my blogworms. How goes it  with you all? 🙂

After a little thinking, my mind came up with the idea of basing this blog post on what it truly means to be at one with oneself- and what it means to be plain old lonely.

There is a  clear difference between the two, you see, but whether the difference is a huge one or  a fine-line is up to you.

Being at one with oneself is to be content when you are not in the presence of other human company or even the company of pet animals. You don’t mind the fact that nobody is around and you actually relish the peace and quiet. And yet, if someone or a group of people happened to come in, at any given moment, you wouldn’t mind that either and enjoy their company too.

However, being lonely means you are not content in the absence of suitable company and you feel lost even when you’re in a crowd of strangers. When you feel lonely even among a crowd of people you know and like though, that means there are more issues than just loneliness that needs to be identified and dealt with.

I hate being lonely and hate having to wallow in self-pity, while some secretly enjoy this, I don’t. I don’t mind being in a crowd of strangers or people who I get along with either, but all  this doesn’t mean I have not experienced feeling incomplete. Marriage and love filled in that hole in me, thankfully. It made me realise how important it is to have someone who know and cherish you for exactly what you are- warts and all! 

But here comes another dilemma, what is this feeling of missing your spouse when he is not with you and then craving for some peace and quiet when he is around?! 🙂

Does this sound familiar to you? Is it true then that we really can’t have our cake and eat it too? How does this affect the meaning of being at one with oneself then?

Your thoughts on this are much welcomed… 🙂

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