What’s Normal?

Hi Blogworms,

How goes it with you all? Good, I hope. 🙂

I’m back in London now and hope to be here for a while. So, I went shopping (no delays there, haha!) and came across a quirky little book, which calls itself ‘a journal’, and is called My Dysfunctions.  Oh wait, we’re online aren’t we, so here’s a photo of what it looks like:-

Funny, isn’t it? 🙂

The idea behind this mini journal, is for the user to jot down what he/she finds dysfunctional on a given day and there are relevant quotes from big wigs to prod one’s thoughts on this matter.

So, I started jotting today and I’d like to share my ruminations with you. I can’t promise whether these would be dysfunctional, but then I guess it’s a ‘to each his/her own’ thing!

Are we normally insane or insanely normal?

What’s normal defined as in today’s day and age?

According to the theme of this mini-journal, being normal = being dysfunctional.

The more I think about it, the more I find myself being able to spot the quirks and kookiness in whoever I encounter- me included, of course. [I happen to be listening to some Bhangra remixes by a well-known British Asian music production label, as I write this post-is that being dysfunctional?]

Indeed, is there an antidote for being dysfunctional? Should there even be one? For if being normal is now synonymous with being dysfunctional then why do we have this inexplicable urge to remedy it?!

I think that instead of there being this pseudo-existent yardstick that judges how ‘normal’ one is, there should be something that helps us gauge how dysfunctional we are.

Yes, this would definitely put things into perspective. We could call it the ‘Dysfunction-O-Meter’, or the ‘Scale of Dysfunctionality’, something weighty and is of import, so that we all take it seriously.  🙂

No, seriously. What are you smirking at?! 😉



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