Us And Them…

Hello, My Dear Blogworms,

How’s life?

No, I don’t mean it as a turn of phrase. How is life treating YouReally? 

The reason I ask is that irrespective of the changes that globalization is bringing about, if we did not belong to a particular ‘class’ we would find it difficult to create an identity for our own selves.

We know that what typically sets apart the classes from the masses are money, education, location, occupation, culture and lifestyle.

However, what really gets me curious is how we tend to attribute certain actions to certain classes and how we exclude and include others with the whole ‘us and them’ approach.

For instance, according to certain media stereotypes, it’s only the ‘working class’ who supposedly use buses. How about those of us who work in The City (in ‘high-ranking’ jobs, I know, another label, sigh…) and use the bus because using cars in this particular area of London would be a criminal waste of money, fuel, time and not to forget the huffing and puffing of a finding a parking space!

My apologies, I digress.

Classes are also necessary for marketers to vivisect audience groups – i.e. from the masses – to whom they can fob off their products and services.


At the risk of sounding poetic, just like rivers confluence and then streamline into tributaries, as is the way Nature intends, so too we – the human populous – confluence and streamline to the diktats of politicians, businesses, the media, social norms, fashion trends, consumerism and other such man-made forces.

It does not matter how much we seen to know or not know regarding the matters of the world, because we allow ourselves to be swayed by these forces; sometimes with their consent and sometimes without.

Can we do anything about this? More importantly, should we do anything about this?

The short answer is: No.


Well, we have let these forces grow so powerful that these are now too powerful.


We have allowed wars to take place, even though we did not want them; we have allowed political leaders to come up with policies and laws that favour some (e.g. the ludicrous hike in university tuition fees – an apparent way of breeding elitism) and that favour none (e.g. recent immigration policies that are doing nothing to curb immigration numbers but are keeping hardworking, law-abiding immigrant families apart).

We are given terms and conditions (that are printed in microscopic font) when we purchase, or subscribe to almost everything out there. These warn us of idiocies out there, but we succumb to them nonetheless because we choose not to read them – Yours Truly included!

So what?

So what indeed! If this is the attitude we take, is it any surprise that we fall for social inclusion and professional exclusivity?

As ultimately, we only really and truly care about our own selves.

Not the masses, not the classes – just our own selves!!  

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