Selfish Selfies!

Season’s Greetings, One and All

For ‘Tis the end of the year! 

SB Seasons Greetings 2014


With the New Year just around the corner, let us take stock of how self-obsessed we have been!

I know, I really have cut to the chase in this blog post, haven’t I! 😀

Yes, I am referring to the process of swerving the cameraphone towards oneself, taking photos of self and then posting them on social media platforms for the world to see.

And if you still haven’t got what I meant, I am alluding to the [rather annoying] fad that we’re currently experiencing called ‘selfies’!

If you have got what I meant, bravo! 🙂

I actually do not know what is more annoying, the publishing of such selfies or the demand for others to behold them, ‘Like’ them and leave [sometimes half-baked?] praises as a by-the-by… Yes, I’m still working that one out…

Although, I have to say that I too am guilty of indulging in this digital self-portraiture business. I took these over the summer: 

SB Specsavers Pic1966262_10152363629913665_1873215949810870020_o 1980339_10152363629858665_4778325219009779349_o


Incidentally, whaddyathink of these?! 🙂 

But I digress, forgive me. After viewing hundreds of selfies, my mind has been bumbling on why we are indulging in such what-I-call digital narcissism? I have out it down to three factors:-

a) We are bored and so when we have nothing better to do, we take a selfie.

b) We have made the effort to dress up [or dress down, depending on the situation] and when we wish to preen like peacocks, we take a selfie.

c) We are so ensconced in our own little worlds that we fail to see how others could possibly be bored of viewing our selfies and just keeping snapping and uploading.

If you think about it, selfies do not make sense in the physical realm of our lives. Imagine self-adhesive albums comprised of pages and pages of photos of yourself! Unless, you happen to be a catwalk model, or a wannabe actor/actress, such an album would be ludicrous.

So, how do selfies make sense in the digital realm then? Enlighten me, if you will, please…



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