The City Girl

Greetings, Dear Blogworms!

When you find yourself busy but alone, your mind wonders and ponders. Well, by ‘you’ I mean mine actually. 🙂

My mind wonders and ponders over a lot of things, some trivial and some introspective; some silly and some more grave.

My husband and I have moved to Oxford a month before Christmas, bringing in yet another new phase in my life, another change of location, another chance to renew my perspective on everything.

While this move is not as colossal or romantic as moving to Kolkata has been, it doesn’t mean that no impact has happened.

I’m getting used to the quietness, the politeness, the gentleness and the slow-and-steadiness that Oxonian life can be – and I could get used to it.

I like the fact that the heart of the city is home to some fantastic bookshops where bookworms from around the world throng and rejoice in the eclectic, literary environs, steeped in history and brimming with intellectual vigour.

I am humbled and proud that this is one city in the UK where my textbook: Improve Your Global Business English is selling quite well, according to the bookshop managers. So, thank you Oxford, very much indeed.

However, all said and done, I miss London though.  And Hounslow – for all its roughness – will always be home for me.

Smirk all you want, I know this warrants it, but this is how I feel.


I know I have ranted about some of the woes that living and commuting in London can bring – and I stand by what I’ve said.

I guess it’s just one of those things, you know, things you don’t realise you have until they’re gone.

Yes, I know I can jump on a train or coach and go into London any time I want, it isn’t that far from my now adopted home or anything.

But I don’t live in London any more…and so it’s just not the same.

I’m hoping those of you who hold a city really dear will know what I am trying to convey here.

I’m a city girl through and through…whatever that means! 🙂


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