Oh Look!

Greetings to you, Dear Blogworms!

Spring is just around the corner and is about to knock our doors, down here in the United Kingdom, where the weather has such an affect on us all, you’d think we’ve all got severe mood swings or something! 😛

Smirk if you must, but there’s some truth in what I’ve just said, ya know. Winter makes us cocoon into our little homes and mask ourselves into a grim sort of misery that slowly melts away as Sunshine gradually makes its way across our skies.

Oh how we unravel from our slumber then (which is now at the time of writing) and SMILE! 


If you’re happy and you know it...

We become happy for no reason but for the weather is now officially Good. We can permit ourselves to be less stiff-upper lipped because of all the involuntary smiling that British sunshine makes us do, but veil our eyes in what can feel like cumbersome sunglasses.

Here’s Exhibit A: a photo from summer last year where Yours Truly and Her Hubby did just that!



Much to their – sorry, us, for I am talking about us and not them, if you know what I mean – our amusement, this photo bagged a total of 31 Likes and 2 Comments on Facebook, when I posted it as the cover photo of my Facebook profile.

I suppose I should be happy about this, as social validation is what we pine for and increasingly so through social media these days.

Oh Look! 

Here’s what I think we mean when we post photos on social media, especially Facebook:

“Oh Look: I’m sticking my tongue out” –  Great! Here’s a zillion Likes for you!!!!

“Oh Look: Here’s me and hubby/partner looking all smug on holiday” –  Aww, we Love it!

“Oh Look: Here’s my baby pouting/smiling/looking-red-in-the-face” –  So cute!

“Oh Look: Here’s some wisecrack statement that you didn’t want to read but I’ve plastered it on to your news feeds anyway, so there!” – Thanks very much – NOT!

What baffles me is:

  • Are we so insecure that we now seek validation by posting any old thing on to Facebook and their ilk?
  • Or do we just want to show off? Get an ego boost?
  • Or do we like these ego boosts so much that we’re getting the hang of it and want more?
  • Or are we bored?
  • Or are we just pathetic?
  • Or are we just after the Likes and have stopped actually caring about anything else about anybody anymore?

When will we learn to use social media responsibly and thoughtfully?! Sigh…

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