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I hope you’ve had a great summer as have we down here in Britain…it may have come late, but it did arrive and as they say, better late than never and all that jazz!

Those of you who read my blog regularly [thank you, once again, from the core of my heart, really] will know that I do like giving my rants a list-like feel to them.

Those of you who are new [welcome, please make yourselves comfy 🙂 ] you may wish to read my previous Lists of Conundrums to get a flavour for what is about to appear on your desktop/mobile screens!

Sudakshina’s Social Media Conundrums!

edit-function-on-twitterWhy, oh why can we not edit our tweets via Twitter on the desktop or mobile sites????? I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those who forgets to add something, or thinks of a better way of saying it, just after I have hit the ‘Publish’ button on a Tweet that I’ve composed!

The immediate reflex is of course something like: “Oh damn! I forgot to add the hashtag, or  the@ symbol, or I could rephrase that better” and look for the ‘Edit’ function – and there is NO EDIT FUNCTION in Twitter!

Other third-party, Twitter-based apps may have this functionality, but that’s exactly the point – shouldn’t Twitter itself have this functionality to enhance better UX [i.e. User Experience for the uninitiated] for its users? I think it should and ASAP!


Since when has LinkedIn started doing PPC adverts in the user back-end section? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am accustomed to seeing those annoying little square shaped adverts on the right hand site of my browser.

It’s just a tad disconcerting to see adverts of the M&S underwear that I was browsing for, a little earlier on, right adjacent to my LinkedIn Home page! Yes, you may cringe here…I am, just thinking about it!

Could the adverts be more tailored please? If LinkedIn is going to be having PPC advertising in its Members section [understandable, as its preliminary services are free], could it do it right?

Is Facebook trying to actually take over our social calendar – or what’s left of it, we’re too lazy to meet up with people these days!

When you go to the ‘Birthdays’ page to send wishes to your contacts, have you noticed how Facebook is trying to egg you on to create an ‘event’ to celebrate someone’s birthday that is coming up? It would usually be with someone who you may interact with a lot on Facebook, but who also happens to live far, far away from you.

I actually laughed out loud when I first saw this. I’d love to celebrate the birthdays with such friends and hey, even publish the obligatory pics on Facebook afterwards, but as it happens, these friends also happen to live hundreds nay thousands of miles away.

So, I’m sorry Facebook, you’re going to have to fix this tic in your algorithm – and then actually get enough of us to physically get off our backsides and meet up people in real-time!

instagram-businessmanI am intrigued to find that I like Instagram more from a business perspective than a personal perspective. Let me explain why.

I have very recently had to create an account on Instagram on behalf of the product that I am doing the content marketing at work and so to understand this social channel better, I also created an account for myself.

In business, you can un-follow those who don’t follow you back  and it’s not rude. It’s just business, so “it’s cool”.

But when you have been ‘friends’ with some on Facebook for years and known them in person too, why do they not follow you back on Instagram? I’m affronted by this and think this is RUDE! Surely, as per logic and common sense, if you are ‘friends’ with me on Facebook, then you should be friends with me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even the ghost town that is Google Plus, no? You can’t be celeb-like with me on Instagram and ‘Friends’ on Facebook? What kind of social dynamic is this????

It’s the equivalent to something like, I’ll only meet you at the Book Club. Never for dinner. Never for a movie. Never in a crisis. Oh hell no! It kinda tells me that you’re not to be trusted at all. So, what’s the point of it all then?

Staying on this weird sub-topic, if you are friends with me on all the social channels that man has made, we should have actually met in person???? ‘Cos let’s face it, if we were to really count how many people we were truly friends with from our heaving lists of Friends and Followers, we’d be able to count them all on our fingers!

And breathe…..



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