Improve Your Global Business English

Do you find yourself pausing to think quite a lot when it comes to writing and communicating something at work?

Are you nervous about those little things in your Business English, like, spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Do you get confused over how to say, what you want to say, cross-culturally, across a global business platform?

Then here’s what you need to resolve these issues once and for all…

Improve Your Global Business English:

The Essential Toolkit for Writing and Communicating Across Borders 

 By Fiona Talbot and Sudakshina Bhattacharjee

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                                                  Published by Kogan Page Ltd (2012)                                                  


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About the Book

Inter-cultural business communications is a minefield of cultural expectations, where English is almost universal currency. Brochures, reports, manuals, and all other documents – both print and digital – intended for a global audience need to accommodate readers who are unfamiliar with American [or British, Australian, Indian, etc.] idioms.

To communicate across borders with customers, suppliers and colleagues, business people – native and non-native speakers alike – need to learn how to streamline their syntax, adjust their choice of words and free their message from references that are particular to their own culture.

Improve Your Global Business English defines the differences between local and global English. We show you how to profile prospective readers, customers and audiences, understand sub cultures and make an impact through written English. We also elucidate on how to best understand and write for different media as well as provide punctuation and grammar tips.

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Table of Contents 

  • Chapter – 1: Writing English for global business;
  • Chapter – 2: Deciding your business writing objectives in a digital age;
  • Chapter – 3: A crash course in Non-Verbal Communication;
  • Chapter – 4: Common challenges in Business English in a global workforce;
  • Chapter – 5: How does writing in a digital economy affect all?
  • Chapter – 6: Make an impact through written Word Power;
  • Chapter – 7: Using the word power skills system;
  • Chapter – 8: Writing press releases and editorial copy;
  • Chapter – 9: Writing copy;
  • Chapter – 10: Writing agendas, meeting notes and minutes;
  • Chapter – 11: Using word power skills with Social Networking media;
  • Chapter – 12: Why we write in business;
  • Chapter – 13: Using English – further perspectives for global business;
  • Chapter – 14: Business English today;
  • Chapter – 15: Quality Matters;
  • Chapter – 16: Punctuation and grammar tips;
  • Chapter – 17: Writing tips for everyday business;
  • Chapter – 18: Common confusions and how to avoid them;
  • Chapter – 19: E-mail versus letter in the global workplace;
  • Chapter – 20: English as an adaptive language of global communication;
  • Chapter – 21: The relationship between writing, time and management


Also available in Vietnamese and Polish

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