Guest Contributions

Guest Contributions by Sudakshina Bhattacharjee 

Here is a selection of articles, blog posts and editing work by Sudakshina Bhattacharjee in her capacity as a journalist, commercial writer, digital web editor and Business English author.

Blog Post for The Digital Drum (Oct 2020)

Three Misconceptions about Content Marketing

Feature Writing for Voice of Margin (June 2020)

Remove the “Outsider” tag for new entrants in Bollywood

Stories on (2013 and onwards)

Essay for the Open Road Review (July 2017)

Editorial Features for Bilete Bangali (April 2017 and onwards)

Featured Commentary in Times of India article (November 2019)

Editorial Lead for Bilete Bangali Magazine (Issue II)

Editorial Lead for Bilete Bangali Magazine (Issue I) 

Guardian Witness App – The Guardian Newspaper (June 2014 and onwards)

AsiansUK Magazine (2014)

Guest Post for Project Eve (Nov 2013)

Articles for (Oct and Dec 2013)

Articles for Prabashi Post (2013) 

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