Testimonials for Sudakshina (Kina) Bhattacharjee

Here’s what former colleagues, students and clients say about Sudakshina’s work and performance:-

Sumit Shome, Director, Visa Simple:

  • “We contacted Sudakshina for content writing. She has been fantastic from start to completion. We were very impressed with the results: thorough, solid research and excellent writing. Her script was perfect with no edits required. Top-notch! Thanks for the great job. Would definitely recommend her.”

Sati Dhanjal, Vice President, Direct to Consumer (Digital), Affinion International UK: 

  • “Kina has diligently created, published and promoted engaging content for the MyCreditMonitor brand during her time at Affinion International for the Direct to Consumer market. She is flexible and adaptive in her approach towards implementing best practices in SEO, Content Marketing as well as legal and compliance requirements.”

Seema Sehgal, Digital Marketing Manager, Affinion International UK: 

  • “Kina worked as part of my team during her time at Affinion International. Kina is a great writer and has the ability to transform mundane topics into interesting pieces of content. During her time in this role she has been proactive in developing her SEO and content marketing skills to attribute ROI to the work she conducts. She was a pleasure to work with and a great asset to the team.”

Niall Hunt, Head of Content Brand Delivery, LBCG, London, UK:

  • “Sudakshina is a competent content writer and can reach a good level of understanding with technical topics. She is enthusiastic, hardworking and a pleasure to work with.”

Hina Hashmi, Clinical Psychologist and Author, Sheffield, UK:

  • “Sudakshina has a very good command over the English language and delivers high quality results in her work within a short time. She provided good suggestions to improve the clarity and understanding of my work too. I would highly recommend Sudakshina’s excellent and inexpensive services.”

Madhur Malhotra, Business and Life Coach, Sheffield, UK:

  • “Sudakshina’s book Improve Your Global Business English: The Essential Toolkit for Writing and Communicating Across Borders is a must read if you want to write effective messages in order to achieve professional goals. It doesn’t matter whether you were raised in an English-speaking country or not, if you want your messages to be perceived correctly, retain customers or win new ones then you must read this book. Many real-life examples, easy techniques for formal and social media success and practical exercises make this book valuable. The three Ss and the three Cs discussed are really important to succeed in today’s competitive world.”

Susan Brambleby, Administrative Manager, Chartered Accountants, London, UK:

  • “I worked with Sudakshina at Kingston College and was inspired by her innovation and motivation in her endeavours to put an interesting programme together with the students. Since then she has developed a career in publishing and social media.”

Subha Das Mollick, Head of Media Science Dept, Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development (ILEAD):

  • “Sudakshina has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mass Communication and has taken classes in advertising, communication skills, media laws and ethics and journalistic reporting. As a teacher, Sudakshina has consistently got high ratings from her students and colleagues. She has proved herself to be very efficient and dependable and flexible in her approach to a problem.”

Davina Eke, Marketing Consultant, Dartford, UK (former student at UCK, circa, 2009-2010):

  • “Sudakshina was a lecturer of Journalism and Media Studies at the London College UCK when I was a Media Student there. She was a talented and dedicated lecturer that had time for all her students. She has a special and unique way of imparting knowledge that made it so easy to understand and remember.”

Ibukun Ambibola, Web Designer, London (former student at UCK, circa, 2009-2010):

  • “I would like to confirm that Sudakshina Bhattacharjee (Mrs) is a magnificent Lecturer in Journalism and Media, she lectured me in University College of Kensington. I can also confirm that the ref point person’s professional abilities and pro-activeness in Journalism are beyond comprehension. I believe she would be a great asset to any organisation or institution not only on professional abilities but even in the aspect of human skills dispensation.”

James Kwami Gyimah, Lecturer at Takoradi Polytechnic, Ghana (former student, UCK, circa, 2007-2008):

  • “Sudakshina Bhattacharjee was my lecturer at the London College, UCK, and taught me Advertising Campaign Management, a course that I had no idea about but I enjoyed her lecture and even my final thesis was on Advertising Campaigns. She is indeed a good lecturer I can recommend for any corporate institution for engagement.”

Jonathan Davidson, Vice Principal, The London College, UCK:

  • “Miss Mukherjee has shown dedication to her students and a completely professional approach to her teaching.”

Jethro Marsh, former editor for www.fenews.co.uk:

  • During the time that I worked with Sudakshina, I have found her to be a consummate professional, scrupulously punctual and extremely able. She is reliable and dedicated, and her writing and editing skills remain unsurpassed in my experience. Through her work as one of the feature journalists for FE News she researched and prepared articles from across the Further Education sector. She was proactive in pursuing, setting up and conducting interviews with key stakeholders. Her confident manner and her interview technique enabled her to gain exclusive information which she was adept at assessing and analysing.She is extremely flexible in her approach whilst maintaining scrupulously high standards, and is comfortable meeting tight deadlines for tasks set whilst maintaining her high standards. She has been a model of excellence in her writing style, her research and application of journalistic techniques, and has indeed been held up as an example to other new journalists by myself on occasion! Her copy writing and research skills are of the highest order, and enable her to provide excellently researched and comprehensive articles on a variety of subjects. She is honest, sincere and trustworthy, which are traits that one does not always encounter and are valued highly when found in a colleague.”

Anila Vekaria, former Content Editor, www.emma.tv :

  • Sudakshina is a friendly and reliable individual. A confident character who contributed to our magazine and made it what it is today. As a writer for our Global Village section there was a great amount of research that had to go into the articles she wrote. Despite this, Sudakshina never missed a deadline and was always very keen in planning her next article. Sudakshina’s responsibilities included monitoring our website www.emma.tv to check for gaps in subjects we did not have, for example in the Global Village section, if Sudakshina saw a country that was not included, or a country that she thought should have been included, she would ask my permission to write about it. She would then research countries in her own spare time and put together an extensive portfolio of that country. Sudakshina wrote the majority of the Global Village section herself! Sudakshina had to liaise very closely with the editorial team. She did this very successfully despite being an external writer, which always makes it harder to gain a rapport with the internal team. A very conscientious individual, who would be a blessing for any future employer.”

Samia Rahman, former Deputy Editor, emel magazine:

  • “Sudakshina is a diligent and highly conscientious worker who has been a pleasure to work with. She has displayed initiative and perseverance while writing an article about Internet safety and has been helpful and enthusiastic throughout her placement.”

Michael Flannery, Assistant Editor (Features),Voices,a weekly supplement for Indian youngsters, (The Statesman newspaper), Kolkata, India:

  • “Sudakshina Mukherjee from St Joseph and Mary’s School has been a Voices Coordinator from April 2001. She has been an enthusiastic, sincere and hard-working member of the Voices family and will be an asset to the institution she joins.”

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